How To Uninstall Wp-SuperCache

A few weeks back, my obsession with my blog’s load time led me to try out W3 Total Cache which is said to be used by probloggers such as Mashable and Yoast. This plug-in allowed me to designate my blog images to a CDN on the sub-domain of my blog.

It seems to have worked as Google Webmaster’s Tool now shows that my website’s load time is @ 9 seconds ;).

With this new development, I decided to uninstall WP-SuperCache but I met a hitch as shown below.

 image3 How To Uninstall Wp SuperCache

Here’s how I finally managed to completely uninstall it from my server.

Open uninstall.php which can be found in the wp-super-cache folder. Find the line define( ‘UNINSTALL_WPSUPERCACHE’, ” ); as shown below in line 19.

20100131 130742 thumb How To Uninstall Wp SuperCache

Change that line to define( ‘UNINSTALL_WPSUPERCACHE’, ‘1’ );

20100131 130724 thumb How To Uninstall Wp SuperCache

Try uninstalling the plug-in again and everything should go smoothly. If you still can’t uninstall it check out: How to delete WP Super Cache Plug-in In WordPress.

NOTE: WP-SuperCache remains an EXCELLENT cache plug-in. I only switched over because of the CDN function of W3 Total Cache ;).

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  1. Virginia Sproul says

    This worked great. I went all over the place to find the answer for uninstalling the WP Super Cache plugin and this post was the only place that made any sense at all.

  2. AIDY says

    I thought the WPSC would make it easier to view the options on my page, it worked fine on my computer, but for my visitors from other countries informed me the page load was slow. WPSC was the problem and took me forever to find out how to uninstall. Thank you for your article! It uninstalled like in an instant! I’m going with W3TC!

    Thank you so much! :D

  3. Max Orelus says

    OMG! I just found your website because I was looking how to do cdn for w3 total cache and it seems you have a post for everything I ever found myself wanting to do lol I’ve been trying to get rid of super cache for a while now. THANKS…

    Question which is better the WP stats or the other plugin waasup stats?

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

      I’m so happy you came “shopping” here and found almost everything you were looking for. lol. I’m kind of a moderate wordpress plug-in junkie so I play around with plug-ins a lot.
      I used Wassup Stats in the begining when I launched this blog but for some reason I can’t remember, I removed it. Now I am using WP Stats which seems okay to me.
      Now that you’ve mentioned it, I might just explore Wassup Stats again ;-)

  4. Luke Carthy says


    I’ve been having many sleepless nights wondering why the heck my titles and descriptions weren’t updating in Google after it had been crawled! Now I know why. phew! Time for W3 Super cache!

    Thanks for this post. Saved my bacon! :)

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