Top Ten Critical Google Adsense Mistakes To Avoid

Making money online with Google’s Adsense program has been made by many to look a walk in the park task but there are loop holes in it that could leave you regretting later.

Adsense Gold Rush Presents: Top Ten Critical Adsense Mistakes. This 12 paged free report really captures the most important mistakes that website/blog owners commit when implementing adsense on their sites.

This free report makes the perfect companion to Joel Comm’s Adsense Secrets 4.

Simply right click on the image below and choose save as to download this report.

Other mistakes to avoid include

  1. Making your ads blend so much with your site content that your readers mistaken it for your content and click on it. Google Adsense requires that all ads should be easily distinguishable from surrounding content. Other than this you’re violating their rules. Read More about this @ Inside Adsense: Another Look At Optimizations.
  2. Lack of a Privacy Policy on your adsense displaying site/blog. Google Adsense requires that your readers know that cookies are being stored on their computers to monitor their EVERY actions. Keep your readers in the dark and risk getting banned by Adsense.
  3. Do not check your Google Adsense earnings from just any computer. Try as much as possible to only check your earnings from a particular computer and IP. For example, if you check your earnings @ a cybercafé, Google Adsense automatically records amongst other things, the IP on that connection. If by any chance too many people browse your site @ that particular cafe and in turn click on many ads you might get flagged as it smells as though you’re promoting clicking of your ads.
  4. Stay away from Traffic Exchanges: Though most folks will tell you that they are a good way of getting traffic to your site, Google Adsense doesn’t like them at all cos according to them they can incite too many unwanted clicks on ads.

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  1. Shruti@CDN Design Studio says

    Your post contains good information. As you have mentioned never use public computer to check the adsense account. Is it Google keep an track of all the IP’s that from which IP which ad is clicked on which site. It’s ok in the case of account checking But If any unique visitor who is a daily visitor of a particular site and blog clicks on ads many times. Is it also be considered to a subject. As suppose I am visitor of your blog. I am not saying it intentionally but one of my client is daily updating share market reports in his site and have many unique visitors.

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

      @Shruti: The thing is, regular visitors to a site/blog rarely click on ads. So if one of your readers is consistently doing this, the chances of getting banned from the Adsense program is HIGH.

  2. Leif@Micfo says

    I activated AdSense on my site couple of days ago. I know we have no control over the ads that are placed there. My question: Will Google get this; short in a twist if I put some disclaimer copy on my site, i.e.: This site is supported by advertising, however the site owner has control over the content of the ads and their presence does not indicate an endorsement of their content…??

  3. Shruti@ CDN Design Studio says

    @ Udegbunam Chukwudi: Thanks. Well I thought you have picked the correct point that the regular visitor rarely click on the ads.

  4. Onlinepoker@doylesroom says

    actually i was intended to use Traffic exchanges, because my friends suggest it to I’m new to adsense and I’m lucky to find this blog..will take note of the common mistakes above..thanks

  5. Larry@cheap linux web site hosting says

    A common mistake I see many folks doing is not labeling the ads as either ‘sponsered links’ or ‘advertisements’. This is clearly spelled out in the TOS.

    Intead they would use words to entice the visitor to click.

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

      @Larry: As you rightly stated labelling ads sponsored links’ or ‘advertisements is a must BUT I don’t think it’s quite necessary when using the skyscrapers cos @ the top of the ad box, it’s clearly stated; Ads by Google.

  6. Nigerian Entrepreneur says

    Nice list. But you forgot to warn that it is foolish to be greedy and impatient. That is what leads to some of those pitfalls you mentioned above.

    Too many un-informed Google Adsense Publisher assume that Google is stupid. I once had a mentoree who wanted to make money from Google Adsense. While trying to groom him with things that I learnt from Grizzly Bear and Court, the guy felt I was too slow. Some showed him a faster way.

    He was asked to enroll in a private network where each member help to click on Adsense being displayed on other members website. You can guess the rest of the story.

    Big G caught them red handed and close their accout pronto. That was the end of the dream of them becoming Google Adsense millionaire overnight.

    Adsense takes time and persistent effort to build. But it is worth the effort. I love that ugly looking Google cheque when it comes into my postal box. ;-) I can’t boast about the figure yet because it is still 3digit. But I’m glad I’m earning passive income from my online effort. Cheers

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

      @NaijaEcash: I’ve also heard of those “click my adsense” groups but never thought much about them. How I wish they had thousands of dollars waiting to be checked out when Google pounced on them. LMAO.

      I dey jealous your 3 figure checks. LOL. I guess my site traffic ain’t that huge enough to generate 3 figures yet though it’s gradually coming up. Ain’t nothing like passive income for work done months/year ago.

  7. Ewealths says

    Dear Admin, I was able to get to this page because I click from somewhere else on your blog but I was directed to a page that contain a dot html at the end and which made this page not to been seen but produced a page 404 error, I just want you to look at some of your linking and see that they lead to the right page, thanks

  8. lynx says

    Since i discovered the IP issue,I have stopped logging into my account on public networks,the Big G has been stuffing some cash to my pocket.
    Click networks some said they exist,but sooner or later,It will lead to regret,a serious publisher will not involve in such mess.Imagine Joel comm or Shoe money joining click networks,NO.
    The privacy issue is true,Some people got whacked for not following this.

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

      Personally I now restrict logging into my account on my laptop and cellphone using my own internet connection. Earnings are still fluctuating though :-(.

  9. jumoke ahubelem says

    Hi, Strictly Online Biz, pls u guys should not laugh oh. i actually thought that each PC had a different IP address. they just installed internet for us in our office, so i though that i should use that instead. been using it for the past two weeks before i came across this post. now i am scared. in the past two weeks, av been the only one using it, but soon other doctors coming here would also start using it too. is there anything i can do now? i hav decided not to even use it at all sha. am just very scared now

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

      LOL. I wouldn’t have laughed if you hadn’t mentioned it. Don’t sweat it. As long as other doctors don’t know about the existence if your site, you’re safe but still try to minimoze the use of public computers where folks could potential browse your site and then click on ads.

  10. Santhosh Kumar says

    Thanks for pointers on adsense. I am from India. I recently applied for adsense account on domain but was rejected (I assume that since the domain age was not 6 months or more, it was rejected). So I applied for a adsense id from my friends email id for another domain and this got approved. Unfortunately, I cant place google ads on domain for some strange reasons. So can use this approved adsense ID to place ad on xyz domain?

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

      Applying for adsense account has nothing to do with domain age @ all. I got mine after 2 weeks of launching my site. Depending on the reason why you were rejected by Google in the first instance, you may or may not be able to use the adsense account you got using your friend’s email id. If you were rejected for “funny reasons”, your friend’s account will be shut down once they notice that he’s displaying ads on your rejected site.

      Hope this helps.

      • Santhosh Kumar says

        Yes, Thanks a ton for the answer. Google has that policy only for countries like India and China.. There is a lot mentioning about this in adsense forums –

        Today I could somehow place the ads in the domain for which my friend had applied for. Now the question is – Can I place the ads in the domain which got rejected by google? The reason given for the rejection was “Unacceptable site content.”

        • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

          If you site was rejected due to “Unacceptable site content.” and you’ve made the necessary changes needed to make it acceptable, I highly recommend that you reapply again to be accepted. If your content is still not acceptable to them and you use your friend’s account on that site, the account will be banned. Trust me!

          Like I said, reapply again and wait to see what happens. Best of luck man ;-)

          • Santhosh Kumar says

            Thanks for your quick reply again! I will reapply and see. Should I put the privacy policy page? I dont have that page as of now.

          • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

            You’re most welcome. Am only replying quickly ’cause I’m online at the moment. ;-) Adding the privacy page is a MUST and I suggest you do it before applying. You could use mine but make sure to change every reference to my site to yours, if you understand what I mean ;-)


          • Tanmay says

            If you are hoping to get Adsense approved for the site that you entered when commenting then you are wasting time. Google is now very strict for the Indian and Chinese Webmasters. They have mentioned various criteria for approval of Adsense from this territory. One of those is sufficient content. I think you can understand. Don’t mind. It is the fact.

          • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

            Hey any idea why they are strict with Indians and Chinese webmasters?

            P.S: I sent you an email regarding a guest post. Did you get it?

          • Tanmay says

            Actually this for some poor minded people. They always try to earn money by some illegal way. Huge no of people from the aforementioned countries have used black hat procedure to earn from Adsense like click fraud, Click bank etc. SO we are paying the value of their mistake.

            BTW I replied your message.

          • Santhosh Kumar says

            Thanks for your reply. Yes, my intention is to get adsense for the site i have entered. But this has been rejected maybe because of the reason you have mentioned. But I applied for adsense for another site using my friends email and that has been approved and i am using adsense in that site now. Can i use that adsense id in this site? Will google ban if i do so?

          • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

            Like I said previously, once Google bans a site from using Adsense, it’s always advisable to abide by the rule and not use Adsense at all on the banned site till it’s unbanned.

          • Tanmay says

            any one can not say What Google will do. But you should wait for some time. Also write some content in that site. I mean text content..Google crawler can’t read the images. Re-apply again. I have some friend who was rejected first and later he re-applied and got approved. So don’t give up.

          • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

            Great tip man. Google Adsense needs text to be able to show targeted ads. Santhosh take the advice man. The lack of text might probably be why Google rejected you in the first place.

          • Santhosh Kumar says

            Hey Tanmay, thanks for your useful advice. I will create some articles about photography and post it and later apply again and see.

          • Tanmay says

            Remember Google always appreciate useful articles. So provide useful articles so that the readers can get something from your post.

  11. crownny says

    please wats the postal code for ikeja, i have exhusted my 6 email adress on this adsense and all the peoblem just keep showing Address issues

  12. Nutritionalert says

    I’ve been following your site through Google, today I have spent over 50 minutes reading through most of your post. They are very useful. I subscribed to Google adsence and I have made some of the mistakes you listed above e.g using my office Internet connection. I blog because I love to, but I think it wont hurt if I made revenue from doing what I love. How can I increase adsence revenue?

  13. Samantha@over50 says

    Hi! I am seeing that your post has triggered an interesting forum. I am over 50 and trying to keep up with all the gobbledygooks of running an online business. I particularly like how you explained adsense in short and simple words.Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward for your future blogs!

  14. E-meXi says

    Google keeps declining my adsense application simply because they say I don’t have enough organic traffic.

    Problem is, my google analytics report is shot and had stopped producing data, and I think they may not be seeing my organic traffic stats.

    The issue is not with my tracking code, but a conflict of some sort b/w wordpress jetpack site stats and google analytics.


    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

      Can you paste the content of the email Google sent you here? Also I’m using wordpress jetpack lite and analytics without conflicts

  15. E-meXi says

    It is the normal account declining email they send.

    Did you insert your google analytics tracking code into your header manually, or did you use a plugin?

    Somebody suggested inserting my analytics script directly into my header manually as sometimes the server, or the wordpress scripts or mainly the plugin negates the google analytics script with hash tags abi na slashes wey im talk sef :roll:

    Anyway I’m going to try inserting the tracking script directly into my header.php file manually.

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