Hostgator Resource Alerts & Blog Posts Of The Week 21

I casually logged into my CPanel last week to find that I had 13 Resource Alerts. Apparently a script/plug-in on my server has been running MySQL queries for over 15 seconds which is against Hostgator’s TOS.

resourceoveruse1 Hostgator Resource Alerts & Blog Posts Of The Week 21

resourceoveruse2 thumb Hostgator Resource Alerts & Blog Posts Of The Week 21

As they suggested that a wordpress plug-in might be the cause, I deactivated Yet Another Related Post Plug-in. Dev of Technshare had his Hostgator blog suspended for hours for the same reason. Apparently some bloggers have been experiencing the same thing: [Plugin: Yet Another Related Posts Plugin] Broken in 2.9? Unfortunately the Resource Alerts till today still persist and so I’ve deactivated Database caching for W3 Total Cache, Enhanced Contact Form and GoCodes.

Here’s hoping I find the culprit before my blog gets suspended :-(.

According to the WordPress Team, WordPress 3.1 which is due in late 2010, will be the last version of WordPress to support PHP 4 and MySQL 4. Make sure your webhost has the recent version of PHP and MySQL before the release of WordPress 3.1.

Finally I just discovered yet another awesome plug-in. This time it’s by computer engineer, Vladimir Prelovac. Plugin Central is a plug-in that allows you to install more than 2 wordpress plug-ins at a go saving you a lot of time.

Do you need a list of Dofollow blogs to increase your backlinks? Check out Wiki Dofollow. Wiki Dofollow is a community compiled list of high ranking dofollow sites. That way, the list stays current.

The drama involving Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress and Automattic and Chris Pearson, designer and developer of the Thesis theme has finally come to an end: WordPress Theme Thesis Maker Backs Down, Adopts GPL (General Public License). As from now on Thesis will be available under a split GPL, the license that makes it possible to alter and redistribute a software as you see fit.

Daniel Scocco reveals the best traffic generating report EVER! Check out 100 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic. LOVES IT! Please RETWEET that post ’cause it’s simply AMAZING!

Other blog posts TRULY worth reading include

  1. 12 Must use plug-in for Windows Live Writer by Swashata
  2. WordPress Gravatar Plugin – Cache and Customize Your Gravatars by Shiba Shake
  3. Remove and Disable Google Analytics Tags by MyDigitalLife
  4. Mass Engagement: How to Get Hundreds of Tweets & Comments On Your Blog Posts by Glen of ViperChill
  5. WordPress SEO: The Only Guide You Need by Glen of ViperChill
  6. Ethical Marketing VS Unethical Marketing by  16 year old Nigerian Blogger Onibalusi Bamidele.
  7. 7 Undisputable Reasons Why You Will Never Make Money Blogging by Ajaero Tony Martins
  8. How to Add Tabs to Microsoft Office Applications by Amit Banerjee of Ampercent
  9. Successful Blogging – Reasons Why 99% Fail At Blogging by Karo Itoje of Blogging for Beginners.
  10. Create favicons from regular pictures @ FavIcon from Pics

I’ve got to hurry along. I’ve got less than 48 hours to product launch ;-).


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  1. Justin Germino says

    I had my own hosting provider HostMonster tell me the YARPP plugin was causing considerable usage and performance problems with my blog, yet the plugin is so excellent. I wonder if there is a way to tune its performance or another plugin that is better performing? Let me know which plugins are the culprit as I am using W3 Total Cache as well, though if you have it set to cache to disk, it should be decreasing the calls to SQL and not likely to cause the increase in query times.

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

      At least HostMonster was able to tell you which plug-in exactly was causing the problem. I only wish Hostgator could make this trial and error thingy easy for me by just detecting the culprit. I reactivated W3 Total Cache’s database caching after I read the resource alerts carefully and saw that Hostgator even approved of database caching.

      I’ll let you know what I find out definitely ;-)

  2. Justin Germino says

    What did you use to add the section which refers to your comment policy? Was this done via a plugin or modifying the theme php files manually?

  3. AIDY says

    I took your advise and found that I had to disable and remove two of my WP plug-ins; All-in-one SEO and I disabled the database cache option for W3 Total Cache. I also remove a couple of fancy share type plug-ins. So far so good. Again I wanted to thank you for the optimization tips.

  4. AIDY says

    What I done was change to wpSEO and it worked fine. My new web host just today reconfigured my WP3 Cache; I contacted them right after I read your other post/comment. It all worked out great! I have to admit, that you were correct in that I may not have configured it correctly, yes, you were right! So all is well now. Thanks for responding to my post.


    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

      I haven’t heard of WP SEO before. I’ll check it out to see if it offers better features than All in one SEO. Thanks

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