Good Keyword Research Helps Make Money Online

Keyword Research is a MUST if you ever want to make money online. Bad keyword research leads to little or no traffic online and that in turn leads to no money at all. This is one of the points I was trying to pass across in my last post on No Google Search Traffic Despite Great Content? Here’s Why.

For quite sometime in the early days when I started seeking ways to earn free cash online, I ignored this fact until bored out of my freaking mind I decided to download Courtney Tuttle and Mark Butler’s The Keyword Crash Course.

This free e-book was an eye opener so was the information on their blog. I took time out to study their report and using what I learned on my new posts, I was able to get a few posts into the first page of Google all be it in the 8th-10th position.

Till today, it remains the most detailed free report I’ve ever read on keyword research and I highly recommend you get it.

Being an old yet effective ebook, here’s a link an updated tutorial on making money online via long tail keyword research.

Download Courtney Tuttle and Mark Butler’s The Keyword Crash Course below.

key Good Keyword Research Helps Make Money Online


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  1. Petra says

    Hi Udegbunam, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving very informative comments! I thought I will return the favor ;) !
    I too have found that good keyword marketing research is vital if you want to get some traffic from the search engines. It’s simple on-site SEO! I have also written a couple of posts about it on my blog, how I do my keyword marketing research. Keyword Marketing Research – How to pick a winner Picking the right keywords is always the best start to proper search engine optimization.

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

      Sweet heart, thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you did. You’ve got to use some basic html skills so as to get the most out of links you leave in comments. A link without an anchor text doesn’t draw attention as much as a link with a great anchor text thus I’ve changed the link in your comment for you. As you already know with a good anchor text, you can also rank for a particular keyword, if the link is a dofollow one.

  2. Petra says

    @Udegbunam, thanks for the tip! I usually do use anchor text for my links (wherever I can) – I don’t know what I did wrong here! But thanks for changing it :)

  3. Paul Onwueme says


    I really like your blog but your posts are short with so many affiliate links.

    Now to the topic, I am also of the view that keyword research is the key to unlocking traffic and consequently making anything of your online money making quest.

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

      @Paul Onwueme: Thanks for stopping by. I recognised the name from NaijaEcash.
      My posts aren’t filled with affiliate links. The only PAID affiliate links I have on this blog are the ones for Netfirms and Hostgator.
      If you care to notice, other affiliate links here on this blog lead to free ebooks which I cannot otherwise upload to my site and offer as a direct download cos the author makes it a no no as he/she wants people to subscribe to his list before downloading.
      I post them mainly cos of the free content not cos of the backend offers.

      P.S: I’m downloading your blog posts to my rss feed reader @ the moment and will leave a comment on posts that interest me. Do have a wonderful day

  4. NaijaEcash says

    I’ve read that report, and indeed it was an eye opener. It is one of the resources that set me free from slaving at bookmarking sites for traffic. I have learnt to research keywords that people are searching for and write posts on them. That way, the search engine will send searchers to my website.

    But then, that is one aspect of the job. The second aspect is the most difficult. In other to be in the first page of the Search engine report, you will need to beat the competing websites that are struggling for the same keyword.

    For example, it has been a tough battle for my website to rank first for the keyword NIGERIAN ENTREPRENEUR. Sometimes, it sits on number one, at other times it drops to number 2. My competitor has an advantage because his domain name contains the keyword.

    Nonetheless, SEO is the best source of traffic I have ever seen. Cheers. ;-)

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

      @NaijaEcash: Boy am I glad you took time to read this report and then comment on it. That way people will stop saying that I’m fond of posting useless affiliate links. ;)
      Staying at number one in Google is something that demand a lot of dedication especially with regards to creating continuous dofollow backlinks.

      Right now I’m analyzing my best performing posts and creating backlinks to them so that they’ll serve as the doorways to my blog from Google.

      Best of luck man.

      P.S: As at this moment you are currently in spots 1 and 2 of the 1st page of Google.

  5. Paul Onwueme says

    I agree with you about keywords research, however I have been lucky to get some of my posts to google’s SERPs number one page without doing any keyword research.

    I just simply followed the advise of steve pavalina who said before writing for search engines write for people in other words write informative and high quality articles first then network with people who will find those articles useful even if you don’t have specific keywords in mind

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

      @Paul Onwueme:It’s possible to land on page one of Google’s SERP without keyword research but the problem is how long you are going to stay there. Most folks don’t even know that they rank number 1 for certain keywords and that’s where competitors swoop in to displace them from the top spot with pages fully optimized for that particular keyword.
      Steve Pavlina is right but then you can master the art of writing for people and the search engines as well. It’s all about using your keywords in your post titles, post url, post content etc.
      Keyword research works and has been showing results with my most recent blog posts.

  6. Tom M.@camerasecuritysystems says

    Good keyword research is I think the most vital aspect of internet marketing success. I’ve wasted more time and money than I care to think about making poor keyword choices.

  7. Wairhe says

    So how can one make money from keyword search even when they ‘re on top?
    If your site doesn’t pay you, how will you get paid?

      • Udegbunam Chukwudi says

        Oops! I think I do understand you. Once you’re at the top of the SERPs, you get plenty of traffic and make more money via things like Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing ;-)

  8. Mel Melhado@barefoot beach naples florida says

    Definitely. Everything starts with keywords, and almost everything relies on it too. Also researching for long-tail keywords is a must too. It’s what big companies use to get more traffic and searches online.

  9. Vlademir says

    Thank you. Just started my own Travel site and this helps me understand a lot better on keyword research. Will surely improve my travel site.

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